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What others are saying about our book:

"When I first browsed the pages of this book, I had only one thought -- this is how they all should be. The singular photo or line drawing, so often employed to illustrated all the teeth of a particular species, were replaced by photos or SEM images, depicting multiple tooth positions and perspectives. For ease of reference, a page was dedicated to a species in flash card fashion. Each of these reference pages (78 in total) provided tooth and dentition descriptions, distinguishing characeteristics, strategraphic occurences and comments. Ten associated or artifical dentitions are also included.

The authors appear to have taken a cue from Zangerl (1981) and Cappetta (1987) by starting the book with a clearly written and well illustrated section on root, crown and dentition morphology/design. They go on to detail other elasmobranch hard parts -- denticles, rostral spines, stinging barbs, etc. Terms to be used later in the text are well explained and for ease of reference, are included in a glossary as well. Additional useful features of the book are the chapters on stratigraphy & depositional environments and collecting, preparation & curation techniques."

The Collector's Guide to Fossil Sharks and Rays features many topics of critical interest to fossil shark-tooth collectors.


Texas Cretaceous geology
Easy-to-use identification guide
Tooth terminology - Extensive glossary
Ichnology (Shark trace fossils)
Classification and taxonomy
How, when and where to collect shark ray teeth
Biology of shark and ray teeth, scales, spines and
Preparation, storage and display of your fossils

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